Skinful Beauty - Our Story

Allow us to introduce Skinful Beauty® and its birth. Teryn Darling and Will Anthony® have both used After Inked® as aftercare for their permanent make-up procedures for many years, knowing it was the best aftercare product on the market they could apply to their work for healing. While discussing the product and how it improved their healed results they began talking and brainstorming on other products that could also improve their healed results. They both had a deep desire to create an amazing line of products that helped artists do better work and see better results…but they needed a partner. Here is how it happened in their own words.

For us…the perfect partner in creating this level of product for what we do was none other than After Inked®. We already knew After Inked® can formulate amazing aftercare products and has earned the respect of the tattoo industry for the last 10 years for a well-run business and products that work. We already knew After Inked® formulated and made all its products in a FDA approved lab with all products undergoing extensive testing to ensure safety, purity, and effectiveness. We already knew a lot about After Inked® and frankly that’s why we were such loyal users.

What we didn’t know were the people behind the product…until one October day in 2017. Getting to know Bill and Andrea and the type of people they are only solidified that we were supposed to do this and we were all meant to be partners. This is how Skinful Beauty® was born.

Here we are now… a year and half later ready to launch our very first product in the next few days…Pigment Seal. Before launch day got here, we wanted to introduce ourselves and let you know who we are and our intentions.

Our mission is to create, formulate and bring to the industry high quality products using only the world’s finest ingredients that will elevate all of our work to the best healed result possible. We promise all products will be made with upmost care, concern and integrity while being priced fairly.

Thank you After Inked® for believing in us and partnering with us. We are Skinful Beauty® powered by After Inked®.